A Kind Doll

dollThere is nothing I love more than finding a small business that is created to teach kids kindness and how to spread it! And that is exactly the mission of this kind doll.dollOne of the best parts of being a small business owner is meeting other small business owners with the same passion! The Doll Kind was founded by 2 moms, who wanted to create a children’s company that aimed to inspire children to be kind and give back. And to help children not only maintain their innate sense of kindness, but a means to enable and empower them to spread it. What I truly love about how The Doll Kind was started is their why, their belief that people don’t have to be mean and that children can learn kindness and spread it. dollI encourage you to read their story of how they began, it is so touching to see a mom take a situation where people were negative and judging her and use that to inspire her to empower children to be kind and to spread kindness. In her story she talks about how as parents we want to shield our children from the dangers of the world including all of the unkind things out there, that’s natural, it’s instinctive, but maybe there’s a better way. I couldn’t agree with her more, we need to have these conversations of kindness, of what it looks like to be kind, what that means, how we respond in the face of hurt and pain and anger. We can empower our children to create a kinder world, we can give them the tools, we can model the actions, we can have the discussions. dollAnd what better way than to start those discussion with a doll that makes a difference for good! The Doll Kind are kindness dolls that empower children to spread love. Each doll comes with a kindness kit of tokens to spread kindness, gratitude, and love. And for each doll sold a doll is donated to a child less fortunate.  Through one doll, kids receive a doll as a symbol of kindness, they have coins to give out and empower them to spread kindness, plus they see kindness modeled because another child less fortunate also receives a doll.  dollAs soon as I saw these dolls I immediately fell in love. I love how they are designed and you already know I love their mission and message. But what I also love is… there’s a boy doll! It’s absolutely the best. I have a son, but he loves stuffed animals and dolls and using his imagination and playing pretend and to see an adorable boy doll (in suspenders no less) is so great! The first thing he said when he opened the box was, “look mama, I have my own boy baby!” He was thrilled and even took his boy baby with us everywhere on our summer vacation. dollThe other thing I really love about The Doll Kind is they don’t just give you a doll, they give you kindness coins to give out. These coins provide an opportunity for little ones to give and to live out kindness in their daily lives. For parents it helps us start a conversation about kindness, love and gratitude, it helps us motivate and encourage our little ones. I completely believe that kids learn the best through play and creativity and The Doll Kind provides both with their dolls and their coins.dollAs a mom I want my little one to know that he can be the change he wants to see in the world. I want to teach him the power of love and kindness. The life altering effects of gratitude. I want him to know and learn with all of his heart and mind that true success isn’t defined by what we have, but by who we are and who we choose to be. Our actions, our choices, our words, our beliefs and how we live them out matter and make an impact, it’s just up to us, what kind of impact they make.dollTogether we can use play and creativity, and empower our children with the tools to create a kinder world. Together as parents we can support each other and teach a generation of littles how to give back. And that’s why I started our business and that’s why I get so excited to share about amazing businesses, built with passion like, The Doll Kind creating incredible dolls to spread an incredible message of love and kindness.

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  1. I love this. And you know how much I love dolls for all genders and handmade dolls. Peter is just like Grayson, he loves his stuffed animals and his dolls.

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