Cheeky Days

What About Those Shoes

shoesWhat about those shoes? Boy oh boy do I love a good pair of shoes. And most days I don’t think twice about putting on any number of matching pairs of shoes in my closet. But what if you didn’t have a matching pair of shoes… or any shoes?

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Back To School Cool… That Gives Back

schoolOne of my favorite times of year is back to school… Why, because it’s marks the beginning of fall (at least in theory if not in temperature here in Texas) and fall is my favorite season! Plus there’s back to school shopping… ahh… I still get all giddy thinking of fresh pencils and notebooks and folders! I know there’s a lot to-do for back to school and most of my mom friends are getting their little ones ready for Kindergarten (eeep… such a big step), so I wanted to share some of my favorite shops with back to school goodies that are not only cool, chic and fun, but also giveback! 

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A Change And A Move

changeWe believe life isn’t about the stuff; it’s about our actions and how we show up in the world with and for our children. And last year we made a change and started a new journey; we created a business founded on three principles, connection, creativity and community.

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Hungry in America

hungry“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” –Dr. Seuss This pretty much sums it up for us. We don’t just care a whole awful lot, but we want to teach kids (through play and creativity) why they should care and how they can! Caring, giving, community… it doesn’t have to be something extra, a new to-do to check off, another thing in our already crowded and overbooked schedules, or something else to make us feel like somehow we messed up this parenting thing again. I’m here to share how we can make it simple, how we can stop overthinking it, how it can be a way of life. 

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