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elysian-outside-the-box-sept-30 be superEven though we just sent out Room For Wild boxes, there is so much fun packed in our Be Super box that we still want to share!

elysian-outside-the-box-sept-28 be superI don’t know about you, but I struggle with all the good guy this and bad guy that. Spiderman, Batman, and the one with the A on it (that I just learned is Captain America) are constant references in our house, even though I’ve never mentioned them and he’s never seen an episode of any of them. I don’t completely mind, it’s kids being kids, right, those characters are out there. But I do struggle with if and how I’m teaching my son to truly be super.elysian-outside-the-box-sept-10 be superI wanted to take a spin on being a superhero and having superpowers. Now I’m going to self confess… I’ve never read comics and I’ve only see the Micheal Keaton Batman movies. But I wanted to put together something that showed being super, is every day and doesn’t need to come with a batmobile.
Our Be Super Outside The Box came filled with a cape, crafts and activities all about being super and each week my little one and I spent some super time together.elysian-outside-the-box-sept-3Week 1… My little one opened his cape and we visited Tiny Superheroes website. We talked about how they send capes to children overcoming an illness or disability. We talked about how excited and happy he was to get his cape and how kids no matter where they are or what they are going through would feel so happy to get a cape too. Which led to a conversation about how being kind to others not only makes others smile, but makes us smile too. We talked about how kindness is a superpower we all have and can unleash anytime we want and how the superpower of kindness can make a difference every day.elysian-outside-the-box-sept-8Week 2… We decorated two superhero masks. One my little one wears with his cape from Tiny Superheroes and one we are going to send to Tiny Superheroes so they can give to a child on their waiting list receiving a cape. We also made our Superhero Sticks… Kindness, Perseverance, and Empathy. My little one chose his own superhero name, wait for it… Super Lemur, because obviously lemurs can jump and are very kind and do not eat other animals. We had a blast decorating our superhero masks and spent a day carrying our Kindness Superhero Stick and made care packages to hand out to the homeless, opened doors for others wherever we went, and smiled at everyone we saw, because as my little one said, “a smile makes me smile”.elysian-outside-the-box-sept-19Week 3… Art is fun and a big part of Outside The Box is time sparking creativity and imagination. We had fun painting our canvas with the superpower courage… my little one’s favorite color is orange and he said, “well mama, Lion’s are orange and they have lots and lots of courage and roar so loud.” So a completely orange painting is what we did. We also spent a day carrying our Perseverance Superhero Stick and practiced climbing trees and kicking soccer balls into goals and we talked about even when we fall we get back up and try again.elysian-outside-the-box-sept-16 be superWeek 4… I’m a reader y’all, give me a book and a cup of coffee and I’m in my version of heaven. So books and reading are dear to my heart and when I first read The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade, by Justin Roberts I fell in love with it. We read the story and talked about how being super isn’t about size, but about heart. We talked about it doesn’t matter how small and how little it may seem, being kind and standing up for what you believe in can always make a difference. We also spent a day carrying our Empathy Superhero Stick and talked about how some people have curly hair and some have straight hair (my son is obsessed with this subject because he has curly hair) and how we can be friends even when we don’t look the same. We talked about how some people like to wrestle and some people like to dance and how we can be friends even when we don’t want to do the same thing. We talked about how putting on our listening ears is so important, because hearing how other people feel and think can help us understand them better and become a great friend. elysian-outside-the-box-sept-29 be superWhat we’re doing next… We spent time each week connecting, creating and talking about what it is that truly makes us super and how we can live out our superpowers every day. Now we have a couple of things left to do and that is to give. We are giving to others and sending our Superhero Sticks to 3 different people. My little one chose the 3 people to give his Superhero Sticks to. Kindness goes to grandma because; “she always talks kind to me”. Perseverance goes to our neighbor Sophia because; “she likes to play chase and she keeps trying to catch me”. Empathy goes to his best friend Emilia because; “she listens when I tell her my stories and she’s my best friend”. And we’re giving to Tiny Superheroes to support them on their mission to empower children. We are mailing our super painting and our super mask in a package to them so they can send it with a cape to a child overcoming an illness or disability. And as a company we are giving back and donating to Tiny Superheroes so they can send capes to children on their waiting list. Their mission to empower children though play and the power of a cape is inspiring and reminds us of what is truly important in life.elysian-outside-the-box-sept-14 be superWe hope you had as much super fun as we did living Outside The Box in a super way! It was full of super activities and we spent so much time talking and engaging in conversations that just came naturally as we spent intentional moments together connecting, creating, and giving.signature-01

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