Black, White and A Little Fancy

fancy.11Black and white is always a great fashion combo to go to and this season it is everywhere.  One of Paris Vogue’s top twenty fashion trends for this season is graphic black and white.   Plus black and white for kids is a trend that has taken off and is becoming more popular.  There are several small businesses putting out unisex tees in black and white for little ones and they are adorable and versatile.   So in embracing the black and white fashion trends around us we decided to get a little fancy in black and white for November… and for our fancy post we included a lovely lady whom I’m happy to call my God-daughter.  

fancy.10Styling my little one is always fun and I love to get creative with his looks and combine what he has in different ways.  Styling Gabby was a bit different, it’s been a while since I was 18 and hitting that sweet spot of modern and chic but age appropriate took some trial and error.  Gabby is young, in college and her style is classic (and a little preppy).  She loves J.Crew, Kendra Scott and anything Lauren Conrad.  In her everyday style she layers her favorite pieces and adds timeless accessories.   For her look here we went a little fancy (dual purpose of course… for this post and for her sorority rush event).  It took stopping at a couple of different shops and checking out some different trends, but after looking at several options we both agreed this one was perfect.  This is a bold Graphic Stripe Black and White dress from H&M and we added a classic pair of Black Pumps from BCBG Paris, which are high, but not too high and they’ll go a long way in her wardrobe.  We accessorized with Kendra Scott Earrings, Kendra Scott Gold and Orange Bangle, Gold Fossil Watch and her classic James Avery Charm Bracelet.fancy.8And for my little guy… He’s wearing his incredible, awesome and too cool for school Monster Tee from Two Lil’ Bros.  If you haven’t seen my previous post Trying to Catch a Rooster, check it out because it talks about Two Lil’ Bros and their cool Etsy shop.  They have hip, cool and urban graphic tees that are great for little boys or girls.  And because they are black and white they are super versatile and can be styled causal cool or even be paired with a blazer to get a little fancy.  Which is exactly what we did, we paired this hip tee with a white oxford, added a Lennon and Co tiger stripe bow tie gray blazer, slim jeans and charcoal lace up boots.  What I love about this look is that it’s just a little fancy so we’re not talking full on suit, but it adds some pizazz and style elements to the average day to day outfit.  But what inspires me even more is that we shopped at two small business, Two Lil’ Bros and Lennon and Co to put this look together.  And if you have a boy and find yourself searching for unique accessories for him, check out Lennon and Co because their bowties are fabulous and come in a variety of prints and colors… bonus they can also be used as hair bows for little girls.fancy.7Fancy, causal or in his PJs he’s still cheeky.  Ever wonder what it’s like to take style photos with a toddler, well, it’s a lot like this… falling on the floor, funny faces, scampering around with sticks, rolling in the grass, climbing statues and running off.  But that’s ok because the most important part is that we have fun.  Fashion is fun and expressive and so are our experiences.fancy.6These two are great buddies and I think one of the best parts of having a big family is growing up around them and having family as friends. I love this girl and have watched her grow from a tot herself to young lady who’s beautiful inside and out. She’s there for us and we’re there for her.  She knows she has a rock of support and love that she can always turn to.  And bonus, she’s the talented photographer behind the pics of Cheeky Days when I’m not.  She has an artistic eye and a creative spirit and she’s only 18… I can’t wait to see her continue to blossom and pretty thrilled I get to be a part of the journey.fancy.5

fancy.4So whether you’re headed to the grounds of the Menil, the zoo, the grocery store, a date or just for a walk in your neighborhood and whether you’re dressed fancy or casual, make your look work for you.  Have fun and experiment with fashion, shop at stores you normally wouldn’t, pick a color you never tried before, combine different prints and patterns, check out small businesses and local shops and go to town mixing and matching what you already have in your wardrobe.  And don’t forget to get bold (or fancy) with black and white.fancy.3

fancy.2Fashion can seem illusive or just for some people.  Fashion can also seem frivolous and not important.  But for me  fashion is just creativity, its a way of expressing ourselves… some looks are hits and some are flops but just like any creative expression it’s about trying, it’s about the proccess and it’s about putting it out there.  fancy.1



  1. I’m loving the black an shore as well. It’s stylish, classy, can be worn from morning til night and all you have to do is add a splash of color or just allow the accessories to accent it.

    I love love the picture poses.

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