Brave? Yes, YOU Are!

brave. week 1 intentional courage series by cheeky daysHAPPY NEW YEAR! We are so excited to start 2018 and this new adventure of Intentional Courage with YOU! Let’s talk being brave! If you get our emails you know every week for the next 6 weeks we’re sharing resources, books, activities, music and more.

And we know, that life can be busy and hectic… I mean seriously how am I suppose to start a journey in intentional courage, when I can’t even get my little one to eat broccoli¬†ūü§Ē. I promise it sounds a lot more daunting than it is. We’re not talking about adding more to our ever-growing to-do lists, but we are talking about taking intentional steps every day, in the things we already do.

brave. week 1 intentional courage series by cheeky daysWHY? Why are we doing this, well part of it is, as I get older and as more years pass, I realize that life and what makes us “successful” in life isn’t always obvious or discussed. Courage and bravery is one of those things in our society which seems reserved for physical acts and brute strength, but the truth is, courage is more than that. It is being honest and vulnerable about who we are and who we want to become. It is being rooted and standing up for our beliefs and dreams. It is from the heart, it is connected to kindness, to the choices we make (or fail to make), to the way we perceive risks, fears, failures, and belonging.

brave. week 1 intentional courage series by cheeky daysAnd the other part is, I want to live my life bravely, full of courage and I know that takes practice, and building, and trying. AND, I want my little one to live his life courageously, I want him to always stand up for what he believes in and go after his dreams, even when it’s hard or overwhelming, I want him to know that being brave isn’t about being fearless, it’s about having all the feelings, including fear and showing up and doing it anyway!¬†brave. week 1 intentional courage series by cheeky daysbrave. week 1 intentional courage series by cheeky days

We believe that both little boys and little girls need to see, understand, and learn bravery… because just like we grow muscles the more we use them, just like we can learn to swim or play baseball when we put in the effort, we can lean and grow and build bravery in our lives.

This first week we’re talking about micro-bravery! Taking those small, intentional steps to walk outside of our comfort zone and do what doesn’t come easy for us. Being BRAVE doesn’t always come with a cape (although we’re never opposed to accessories), and it doesn’t always feel super. Brave doesn’t have to be big, and bold doesn’t have to be loud, but it does need to be intentional. We know to create change, it doesn’t have to big and grandiose, it can be small and still impactful!brave. week 1 intentional courage series by cheeky daysFor WEEK 1, we have book recommendations, a Brave Playlist, a video¬†and activity from Girls Leadership¬†that only requires some paper, crayons and a bit of willingness.brave. week 1 intentional courage series by cheeky daysTo join us CLICK HERE to sign-up for our email list… and get ready to start 2018 intentionally, bravely, vulnerably and with a whole lot of love and courage! brave. week 1 intentional courage series by cheeky daysAnd at the end of the 6 week series, we’ll send everyone a FREE E-Magazine with all the crafts, activities, and resources for you to have ¬†and access whenever you want!


  1. OMGosh…I love your site and your post! What an encouraging writer you are! I just published a book called Brave is the New Beautiful and would love to send you a copy if you want! Let me know! – Thanks for all you are doing! – Lee Blum

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