Brave? Yes, YOU Are!

brave. week 1 intentional courage series by cheeky daysHAPPY NEW YEAR! We are so excited to start 2018 and this new adventure of Intentional Courage with YOU! Let’s talk being brave! If you get our emails you know every week for the next 6 weeks we’re sharing resources, books, activities, music and more.

And we know, that life can be busy and hectic… I mean seriously how am I suppose to start a journey in intentional courage, when I can’t even get my little one to eat broccoli 🤔. I promise it sounds a lot more daunting than it is. We’re not talking about adding more to our ever-growing to-do lists, but we are talking about taking intentional steps every day, in the things we already do.

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What About Those Shoes

shoesWhat about those shoes? Boy oh boy do I love a good pair of shoes. And most days I don’t think twice about putting on any number of matching pairs of shoes in my closet. But what if you didn’t have a matching pair of shoes… or any shoes?

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