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I Stand For Girls, Outside The Box

Kind is the new cool and spreading that message is what we’re all about at Outside The Box! I Stand For Girls is a campaign we stand for and with. We are so excited to spread kindness and support Kurandza, share their mission, and help send 100 girls to school.I Stand For Girls, Outside The BoxI met Elisabetta through our small business group, The Collective of Us. Meeting Elisabetta was like a breathe of fresh air, she is so kind and has such a giving and beautiful spirit. I was immediately taken with her mission, her non profit, Kurandza, and everything she has done to build community and opportunity in Mozambique. At that time Kurandza had a shop of handmade products to empower women in Mozambique and we proudly were able to partner with Kurandza and include their handmade bracelets in our Dare to Dream, Outside The Box!

Then this summer Elisabetta reached out and told me about her I Stand For Girls campaign. And I am over the moon excited to be a part of spreading her mission and supporting this campaign!I Stand For Girls, Outside The BoxThe I Stand For Girls campaign is to raise funds and awareness so 100 deserving girls can go to school in Mozambique. What is so great about Kurandza’s education program is that it’s holistic, not only will the girls be enrolled in school, but they will be given uniforms, all their school supplies, their transportation will be covered, and there will be special programs for them. They will partake in empowerment workshops, extracurricular activities, and have access to after school tutoring and counseling. They will be cared for holistically to make sure that they are set up for success!I Stand For Girls, Outside The Box


Many girls in developing nations like Mozambique don’t have the same access to education as those in developed countries. Their parents often don’t have the resources to pay for uniforms, school books, or transportation expenses, so they’re unable to get an education. When a girl gets an education, she’s much more likely to get her vaccines, avoid HIV contraction, have access to jobs, earn a higher income, and escape child marriage. When she gets an education, she’s able to dreamI Stand For Girls, Outside The Box

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

We joined the I Stand For Girls campaign because we believe, like Nelson Mandela, that education is a powerful weapon. We believe in supporting others and building community across this incredible world of ours. We believe in showing our son what it means to give back and to love others. We believe everyone should have the opportunity for education, for leadership, for growth. We believe in empowering kids through play and creativity to give back and create change in this world.

That’s why for every Outside The Box order between now and October 11th will support the I Stand For Girls campaign + you can, click HERE use code: CELEBRATE to get 30% off any box (the only exclusion is our September Houston Strong Box).I Stand For Girls, Outside The BoxFor $20 a month we can make an impact and empower girls through education. Join us in the #istandforgirls campaign and order an Outside The Box today or head over to Kurandza and give directly!I Stand For Girls, Outside The Box

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