Pancakes… And Carrots

carrotsPancakes and carrots… seems like an unlikely combo, but it turns out, it’s pretty amazing. Since we’re talking about food and wanted to pair some food related fun with our Too Many Carrots book from this month’s Outside The Box, we included a little bonus, an oh so yummy carrot pancake recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

carrotsSo I just have to start off by saying I’m a huge Smitten Kitchen fan. I love all of her recipes and every one that I’ve tried has been absolutely delicious! So when I found this carrot pancake recipe, I was like, oooooh yes!

My little one was able to help me every step of the way, which is always fun. I love including him in the kitchen with me when I cook or bake because it’s just a special time to connect. And I know it can be hectic (and messy) with a little one in the kitchen and sometimes even end in tears (his and mine), but like with everything in parenting we do it anyway, not because it’s easy, but because it’s worth it.carrotsTo save some time in the morning the little one and I did a little pre prep. The night before we shredded our carrots and combined all our dry ingredients. That way in the morning all we had to do was mix together all the wet ingredients with the carrots and dry ingredients. Because let’s be honest shredding carrots is no quick task.


carrotsThe pre prep was a huge time saver and in less than ten minutes we were dining on some delicious carrot pancakes. I’m not sure if you can call this recipe “healthy”, but I say wherever you get a veggie in, take it! And bonus, my little one ate raw carrots while shredding them during prep.

To finish off our pancakes we just added maple syrup, because well, that’s how we roll. But Smitten Kitchen includes a great cream cheese topping to the carrot pancakes that you could try.carrots


carrotsAll in all it was just taking a daily activity, a normal breakfast and using it as a moment to connect and create something together. I know he won’t remember every single recipe we make together, but he will remember that we made food together, that we laughed, cried, told jokes while we shredded, mixed, blended, stirred and flipped, and that makes it so worth it. Because really it’s about those collective moments of being present together that help shape who these little ones will become!

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