Preloved… I don’t mind if I do.

Polo Shirt with Skinny Jeans from HM and Polka Dot Bow Tie… If we have a signature style, this may be it.

So one thing that becomes blantantly obvious when you become a parent is the fact that you begin to accumulate stuff… toys, clothes, diapers, swaddles, cups, stuffed animals, and endless amounts of gadgets and gizmos.  In fact what’s even worse than the accumulation is the separating between what we “need” and what we don’t, ridding your home of some things and then somehow immediately filling it back up with more stuff… I don’t know how this happens, but it seems to happen, somehow we shed 2 or 3 things and get 4 or 5 more and once again our house is filled.

What’s better than seersucker, shades and a classic white button down.

Now, in total honesty some of this is because I look at a toy he use to play with or an outfit he use to fit in and become overwhelmed with memories and emotion and all of a sudden it ends back up in our “need” pile of things.  I hope that I am not the only one out there with this dilemma, but after my husband declared we were out of attic space and I don’ t think I could fit one more decorative basket filled with random toys, I knew I needed to find a solution.

We love experimenting with accessories like suspenders, but keeping the rest of the look simple, with white polo and slip on sneakers.

Fortunately I have a great community of women to help me in times like this and I have a wonderful friend who told me about this app she uses called Kidizen.  Kidizen is an app you can download on your phone, it allows you to sell your preloved things, buy other’s preloved items and discover wonderful new brands, looks and styles.  I have not been on Kidizen long (full disclosure- I’m still learning all the wonderful features of the app), but I love it already.  I have been able to sell some of our preloved cheeky clothes & shoes and it’s nice to know they’re going on to make memories with another family and clear out space in our house.  It’s also fun looking through the gallery of kids looks on the app… I love finding style inspiration in all places.  In fact, all the pictures on this post are style looks we have shared with Kidizen (all the pictures are linked in case you want to shop any of these looks).

Nothing like shades of blue… blue polo, blue khakis and blue shark shoes.

Another feature that I’m fond of is their trending brands, I have found some new brands and unique clothing shops, which is always delightful.  Some of my favorite brand finds are Quinn & Fox, Beau Loves and Little Adi + Co.  Now if you have a little girl there are some other cool finds, Wovenplay, The Striped Fig, and Little Minis.  And if you’re asking what else is great about buying preloved… well, if some of these cool shops are out of your shopping budget for your wee one, buying them preloved through Kidizen makes them affordable, so as my cheeky little guy would say, Hooray!  On Kidizen you can follow people and filter your searches, which makes shopping preloved efficient and sensible, but it also helps you connect with other parents from all over who are selling and buying preloved items too… so if you like fashion, community and decluttering look up Kidizen and start selling (and shopping).

All About the accessories… superhero mask and nautical polo.


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