Puppy Love

DSC_0310.plaid1update puppyIf a dog is man’s best friend, well then Wa-gee the puppy is a boy’s best friend.  It was love at first sight.  He saw him in the store front window and played with him for twenty minutes in the store and when he said, “mama, can I please take my puppy home? He name Wa-gee and I walk him and feed him and love him. Pleeeeease.” …well who could resist that, so Wa-gee came home with us.DSC_0302 plaid 14.update puppyAnd since Wa-gee has been with us, he hasn’t left my little one’s sight.  So even though we have two dogs already, we added a third and lets just say he’s more amenable, doesn’t shed and is a lot quieter than our other fur babies and unlike Ulysses and Frida, Wa-gee plays with Mr Cheeky whenever he asks him to.  Plus there is the sweet and adorable factor,  it’s just precious watching Mr. Cheeky read Wa-gee stories and ask him if he’s ready to eat and which puzzle he would like to work on… so there’s definitely puppy love blooming in our house.
DSC_0227 plaid 13. update puppyAnd from puppy love to preppy love… let’s talk about Ralph Lauren Polo shirts.  When I think of putting together a wardrobe, it’s always important to have foundation pieces.  One of our foundation pieces is the Ralph Lauren Sports Shirt (or as we call it, the button-up shirt).  We have them in an assortment of plaids, ginghams, solids and stripes.  The classic Polo shirt and the Sport shirt have been an important foundation piece for us since he was born… he had his first Polo onesie when he was one month old.  A good Polo shirt is a great piece for any boy or girl’s wardrobe… dressed up, dressed down, with a bow tie, with a sweater, with a blazer, with a moto jacket, with a skirt, with jeans… or when it’s fall, but still warm outside with gray chino shorts, chucks and cool shades.DSC_0215 plaid 5 update puppyNow as much as I love a Polo button up shirt, the prices I’m not so keen on.  From the Ralph Lauren website, Polo Sport shirts can be pretty pricey and can really hit the budget hard, so for us finding Polo shirts in other places has been essential.  Option one for finding great Polo shirts on a budget… Marshalls.  Marshalls has a great variety of short sleeved Polos, as well as, long sleeved and short sleeved sport shirts at very reasonable prices. And bonus they also have onesies for the babies and even go up to the big boy and mens sizes… a one stop Polo shop for the all the boys in your life.DSC_0291 plaid 6 update puppyOption two for buying Polo shirts on a budget… buying preloved.  Preloved is a great way to get those designer or high end brands for a lower cost.  Kidizen is one of my favorite places to go for preloved clothing. You can shop and search using filters all on your phone and never have to leave your home.  If you’re local, Thread Resale in the Heights is also a great place to find some preloved kids clothing, their shop is adorable and they have clothes for infants, kids and even maternity.DSC_0290 plaid 7 update puppyThe Polo shirt is quintessential in this little one’s wardrobe.  From refined to hipster chic, we can style the Polo shirt in a multitude of ways… it’s almost like that great pair jeans that you can use as your fashion base to experiment with new style elements.  And when dressing little ones every parent knows they grow fast and they get dirty quickly, from spit up to mud to paint to meal times to potty blowouts… they are experts at making things messy.  So I know finding pieces that work not just for that special occasion, but for any occasion and with any combination from their wardrobe is important… versatility and value is key when thinking about kids style.DSC_0321 plaid 7 update puppyLike puppies which can range from the loud, the shedding, the big, the small and even the stuffed, Polo shirts are varied and can fit into any lifestyle.  From the original Polo short sleeved shirt with popped collar (or traditional collar down), to a fall plaid or spring gingham sport shirt, they can become a staple in any wardrobe.  So if you haven’t considered a Polo shirt for your little one, check them out, buy preloved or take a trip to your local Marshalls and pair one with a graphic tee or a bowtie, or just by itself with some jeans.  There’s a Polo shirt out there that will work with your little one’s style and can become a versatile piece in their wardrobe for any occasion.  As for us, we can never have enough Polo shirts, but I think 3 dogs in the house is plenty.DSC_0315 plaid 10 update. puppy



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