Rainy Rain Day Play

Rain, rain, hurricane go away… and please don’t come back another day.  We’re in the middle of waiting to see what Hurricane Harvey will do, and one day in, we’re already stir crazy over here. So I thought I’d share some of our fun rainy day go-tos.

There’s nothing fun about a hurricane or the damage and flooding that comes from one, but when you have little ones inside it’s always a good idea to have indoor activities ready to go when the rain starts pouring. And over here, we’ve had to get a little creative because all of his puzzles, wooden blocks and magnatiles are boxed and packed for Spain.


So we made 3 colors of slime and that entertained this little one for over an hour. There are slime recipes all over the internet these days and we used this one from the Elmer’s Glue website. It’s super quick and simple to make. Add some animal figurines and you get endless imaginative play!rain



Another activity that the littles can help make and then play with. Click HERE for the recipe we used from DIY Natural. My little one used cookie cutters and made “boats” for his frogs to sail.rain



I recently got this book, Big Science for Little People and this was one of the activities in it. All it required was milk, food coloring, a plate, q-tips, and dish soap. All items we have at home. You pour the milk on the plate, put 4 dabs of food coloring on the milk, you could even place the colors in the positions of north, east, west, and south. Dab the q-tip in the dish soap . Carefully touch the food coloring with the soapy q-tip and watch what happens!rain


4. 5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

So I don’t know about y’all, but for some reason when I’m stressed or overwhelmed I end up in the kitchen. Here are 2 super fun kitchen recipes that are not only yummy but will entertain your kiddos because they can be your kitchen helper! These cookies from Pinch of Yum were not only delicious, but also super simple to make. No mixer or kitchen aid required. They don’t have any butter, but the do include eggs. I had never baked with coconut sugar before and was worried there would be an underlying coconut flavor, but there wasn’t and the consistency and flavor of these cookies is spot on.rain

5. Easy Homemade Apple Sauce

I have been making my little one this apple sauce since he was a baby. It’s simple, it includes a veggie, and now he can even help me make it! All it takes is some beets, some apples, steam and slice both, put in blender or food processor with reserved apple steaming water, blend and enjoy. No added sweetener or sugar, the apples make it sweet on their own and the beets add a fun color. You could also use golden beets to keep a more traditional apple sauce color. Watch the video below for complete recipe & directions.

Other ideas next on our to-do list, Baking Soda Vinegar Experiment, Alphabet Puddle Jump, Build a Fort, Finger Painting, Story Cards, and Paper Cutting Fun… so basically just follow A Crafty Living on Instagram!

We hope the rain goes away soon and the hurricane doesn’t cause too much damage and flooding. We’re praying that everyone stays safe and has shelter and food. And as we all hunker down and wait for Harvey to move through I hope these ideas help with the cabin fever and create some giggles and fun times with your little one!

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