Real Moms, Real Wants… Mother’s Day Gift List

Mother's Day Post 1

Mother’s Day is only a week away, so take a look at our Real Moms, Real Wants Gifts List for last minute ideas… you know, for the hubby (wink, wink).

Mom Time for Mother’s Day…

  1. A free afternoon to get lost in a bookstore (or any store)
  2. A free day, including sleeping in and some time at the spa
  3. A massage
  4. A manicure and pedicure
  5. A night out with friends
  6. Some guilt free book shopping (or any shopping… number 1 and 6 do pair nicely)
  7. A whole day of not planning meals or nap or activities, of not packing snacks and diaper bags, of not cooking, of not cleaning– all planned and done by daddy.

The Oh So Functional for Mother’s Day…

  1. An instant pot
  2. A roomba
  3. A live in maid
  4. A clean house (I really feel like numbers 2 through 4 compliment each other)
  5. OPI nail polish (because let’s face it getting out to get a mani & pedi just doesn’t happen that often)
  6. A bag of strong and delicious coffee (because moms need coffee… lots of coffee)
  7. Wine (well, moms need wine too… lots of wine)
  8. A new wardrobe
  9. Impossible children to transition to sweet children (this is as functional a request as a roomba).

A Touch of Heartwarming and A Dash of Sentimental for Mother’s Day…

  1. Customized silver stackable rings with kid’s names on them
  2. A bar necklace with kid’s names on them
  3. The Beloved necklace from Magnolia Market
  4. A hand made photo book
  5. Stacking birthstone rings
  6. A tattoo of child’s handwriting… preferably from a sweet note written by them (this might not be for every mom, but it sure is unique and a pretty sweet albeit a bit painful way to memorialize of piece of your little one’s childhood).

If you know any last minute shoppers, we’d love for you to share our gift list and for more cheeky adventures be sure to check out some of our favorite mom style and toddler adventure posts!


*There are some affiliate links in this post… but all the gifts linked above were named by real moms in my life and I love the gifts they listed!

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