Make Room For Wild – Endangered Animals Week 1

think-elysian-cheeky-days-2Grr, Roar, Bzz… we’re buzzing with excitement over here because it’s week one of Outside The Box-Room For Wild. We can’t wait to share a month of  fun and learning and giving all focused on endangered animals… because there’s always room for wild!think-elysian-cheeky-days-45This month Outside The Box- Room For Wild is all about endangered animals, learning how our community is larger than just us and how we can impact not only other people, but animals too. We can’t wait for you to dive into you box and get wild!

In every Outside The Box there is a Craft Instruction sheet that also has week by week suggestions for using your Outside The Box. In the Room For Wild box we start off week 1 by opening our box and looking at our #roomforwild challenge card. This is your community card to help you take what’s in the box, Outside The Box. The challenge card is meant as a helpful tool for families so their little ones not only learn about community, but can also take action, give back and make an impact. think-elysian-cheeky-days-7This week we also pulled out our Opposite Of Far endangered animal mask. Each Outside The Box includes one of three, either a bee, a polar bear or a rhino. On The back of each #roomforwild challenge card is a brief description of each of these three endangered animals. So your little ones can unleash their imaginations and creativity with their masks all while learning.

And y’all I can’t tell you how excited I am to partner with Opposite Of Far this month. I’ve been a huge fan for a looooong time!  Opposite Of Far is a small business run by founder Jessica Near and from her own words, she started “Opposite Of Far in 2011 on the simple foundation of 2 things I believe are fundamental in childhood- PLAY + IMAGINATION!” We couldn’t agree with her more! Play and imagination are such important and vital parts of childhood and in every Outside The Box we want to encourage creativity, play and imagination in any way we can because we know that, “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” -Mr. Rogersthink-elysian-cheeky-daysAnd what I looooove about a mask or tail from Opposite Of Far is the quality and creativity in which they are made. They are beautifully handmade, by Jessica with care and craftsmanship, which for me provides a value of knowing I’m supporting a person living out her passion and creativity, but also that I’m purchasing a high quality play item for my little one. I also value that she’s hand-making them with safe and durable materials, the majority of which come from the U.S. “All materials used by Opposite Of Far are made in the USA, excluding the thread which is made in Mexico and distributed by a U.S. company. The premium merino wool blend felt is sourced from natural non wovens and benzie design. Eco-fi felt is a green and responsible material, it is a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.  It is soft to the touch and is very comfortable to wear!” So you know a 100% that you are supporting a person with a dream and receiving a product that is handmade, safe, durable and designed to unleash your little one’s imagination. Visit Opposite Of Far and check out all of Jessica’s fun, creative and amazing masks. Her masks and tails range in prices from $22-$28 and she even creates party packs… how fun!96-elephants-picThis week we also headed over to 96 Elephants, the non profit we are spotlighting this month. 96 Elephants is a part of the Wildlife Conservation Society and their efforts to take a stand and end wildlife trafficking. What I love about 96 Elephants and why we chose to spotlight them this month is because they provide real ways that families, kids and individuals can spread awareness and make an impact. In September they hosted an #elephantorigamichallenge which is so cool! Currently they hosting an #elephantyogachalenge… so if you’re a yogi, make sure you check this out because it’s another way to spread awareness and make an impact! In each Outside The Box we included the information (and craft packs) for families to participate in the #elphie challenge, which focuses on how kids can save elephants too! elephant-1Head over to 96 Elephants, not just to learn about the cool challenges you can participate in, but to learn about their cause, their work and the crisis. It was amazing what I learned about elephants and how they are at risk. “If we do not act, we will have to shamefully admit to our children that we stood by as elephants were driven out of existence.” -WCS Conservationist, Samantha Strindberg & Fiona Maisels “The 1980s—the heyday for the illegal ivory trade—was disastrous for elephants.” In 1980 there were 1,200,000 elephants in 2012 that number has declined to 420,000. And in 2012 alone, “poachers killed some 35,000 African elephants for their tusks.” The front page of their website says it with the most impact, “ninety-six elephants are killed in Africa every day for their ivory. Together we can help save them.”

We created Outside The Box for the fun and creativity, to put together crafts and activities, to select books that make those intentional quality moments meaningful, but we also created Outside The Box to help kids see themselves in the larger world and community around them and to inspire children to make an impact.

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