Stars, Stripes And Florals

DSC_0121.update 2Don’t get me wrong, summer is nice but my heart belongs to Autumn and September marks the beginning of a fresh fall and all that comes with it… the start of the holiday season, fall colors, pumpkin picking, new fall fashion (umm, September Vogue… ok technically that’s the last week of August but you get my drift), scarves, sweaters, hats, ankle booties, cooler weather and don’t get me started on all the delicious food.  So when September comes around I’m ready to celebrate.DSC_0127.updateHow do I celebrate… well it usually involves a good book and a good outfit.  There’s nothing like browsing the aisles of  Brazos Bookstore and selecting some new books, sitting and reading with a hot cup of coffee or taking a leisurely jaunt through my favorite shops for some outfit inspiration (seriously some alone time to read, drink coffee and shop is this introvert’s version of nirvana).  And of course any celebration wouldn’t be complete without an adventure with my cheeky little one.DSC_0137.update Ready for fall and ready to celebrate, we selected some stars, stripes and florals. Prints, patterns, fall colors and a morning exploring in Herman Park… not a bad way to start off September.DSC_0140.updateI treated myself to this ankle length, floral dress from Zara that Ive had my eye on.  To be honest I wish I could wear this stunning dress every day… I love big, bold and unique patterns and this dress hits every mark. And as it gets colder, I can add a caramel colored jacket and closed-toed ankle booties or tights and a fierce high heel.  As for now, I paired this amazing dress with a wide brimmed brown hat, gold rope necklace and a pair of open-toed high heel booties.  As a mama, heels are less frequent than they use to be, so it’s always nice to slip on a pair and just feel pretty (and a little taller because I’m oh so short… to all the short ladies out there, I know you get this).  This necklace was a great find at H&M, inexpensive but makes a great statement with this dress or with a simple white tee and a pair of jeans.  And what can I say about the hat, one of my favs even though my husband refers to it as my Indiana Jones hat.  This is why I love fashion… it’s a creative expression that you can change, alter and recreate in so many ways.
DSC_0179.updateAnd Mr. Cheeky here is ready to celebrate too in his striped white tee, cuffed skinny jeans, star scarf and yellow shoes. His entire outfit is from Zara (except the sunglasses which are from Gap). I like that I can go to one store and find all these great pieces for him. Plus I’m always looking for ways to add accessories to his outfits and this scarf is perfect… its light enough for Texas fall/winter, has a great pattern (that is unisex) and is neutral enough to go with multiple outfits. His tee is organic cotton, soft and comfortable and easy to layer for the rest of fall. His jeans are the perfect base to build upon for a great look and well, the yellow shoes he picked, he loves and really are an expression of him.
DSC_0094.updateWhat’s remarkable is that nothing we wear ever prevents us from spending our cheeky days looking for adventure. Fashion can fit your lifestyle and your creativity right where you are and that’s just fabulous. I don’t always go exploring in heels, but even with heels, it doesn’t stop me from keeping up with my little guy, from swinging him upside down and from checking out the fish in the pond. FullSizeRender-10He loves laughing and being goofy and I love that he brings me along for the ride. He not only celebrates September… he celebrates every day. We may get some mulch in our shoes, leaves in our hair and mud on our hands… but it’s worth it and as long as Target keeps selling stain remover, getting dirty and playing hard is what we’ll do, even in our favorite fall finds.
DSC_0038.update  So let’s keep the celebration going all month long and well into Autumn… new fall fashion, new good reads and new adventures. Pick out a dress that makes you feel great, get your little one a cute scarf, find a park and start exploring… and whether you’re an introvert or extrovert don’t forget to take some time to recharge whether it’s with a good book, a good friend, some yoga or a cupcake.  Fall always seem like a fresh start, a new beginning, a time to celebrate the love and joy in your life and to restyle and rethink what hasn’t worked and what’s been missing.  So Happy September, start celebrating and get ready for fall… it’s coming, I promise. DSC_0107.update2



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