Back To School Cool… That Gives Back

schoolOne of my favorite times of year is back to school… Why, because it’s marks the beginning of fall (at least in theory if not in temperature here in Texas) and fall is my favorite season! Plus there’s back to school shopping… ahh… I still get all giddy thinking of fresh pencils and notebooks and folders! I know there’s a lot to-do for back to school and most of my mom friends are getting their little ones ready for Kindergarten (eeep… such a big step), so I wanted to share some of my favorite shops with back to school goodies that are not only cool, chic and fun, but also giveback! 

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A Beautiful Mom, A Beautiful RAWR

A Beautiful RAWR Profile Picture2It’s the week before Mother’s Day and what better way to celebrate than with an interview with a beautiful mom.  Linh is the mom, the entreprenuer and the small business owner of the shop and blog, A Beautiful RAWR.   Every one of the shirts in her shop speaks to me, not only because they are uber cute, but because they each have a message and they support an important cause… a portion of all shop sales are donated toward the fight to end cancer (umm, heck yes!).  I’m so excited to share a little bit of Linh, her story, her shop and how she keeps it all going with two wee ones at home.

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