The G in Greek Festival

DSC_0248.greekupdate1sOctober… full of pumpkins, cider, sweaters, falling leaves and the Greek Festival.  There is nothing like spending a beautiful day in October with family and friends for delicious food and merriment.  The Greek Festival is always a special time of year for us, Aaron and I have been attending together since we’ve met and we’ve had some pretty memorable moments there.  And when our cheeky little one came into our lives, well, he joined the annual tradition and helped us create even more special memories.DSC_0227 greek update 4s  So for the last four years he has put the G in our Greek Festival… whether it’s crying, running off, spilling wine, rolling on the ground or kicking off his shoes, he definitely brings his own flare to the festivities.  This year was especially fun watching him tackle, wrestle, hug and chuckle with his buddy E… even those these two have been together at the festival with us every year since they were born this is the first year they played with (and leap frogged over) each other the whole time.DSC_0229.greek15sI remember when festival days turned into evenings and were filled with drinking vino in between bites of greek salad and loukoumades.  We use to talk about dates, weddings, shopping and travel… now we talk about play dates, potty training, shopping for counter tops and sleep schedules.  Conversations that use to be held between sips of wine are now held between shouts of, “No. Please don’t do that. I’ve asked you to stop. That’s too far, come back by mama and dada.  No…”
DSC_0242 greek update 7sSo going to a festival with a toddler isn’t always the easiest fete, but that does’t take away from the experience.  It’s still filled with excitement accompanied by giggles and tantrums.  Instead of perusing through the greek market, we ramble through the myriad of blow up bouncy structures and  instead of sitting at a table, we sit on the floor so the little ones can roll around, chase and wrestle.DSC_0257 greek update 6sThe great thing is, even though our days at the festival may have altered over the years the Greek Festival hasn’t changed a bit.  The entertainment, the shopping and the music never fails to impress and I can always expect to get a good bottle of wine and a succulent gyro.  But of course because I have a little vegetarian he had almond butter while the rest of us ate souvlaki (in case you’re wondering, it’s seasoned and marinated meat on a stick…so yummy).
DSC_0212 greek update 8sAnd let’s talk festival fashion… even though the Greek Festival is always in October because it’s Houston the weather can range from the 95 to the 55 (yep… it was serious sweater weather for Houston one year). Well, this year it was a beautiful day in the 70s so we opted for a sweater & shorts combo. These shorts are one of those basics or foundation pieces I talk about. They are classic and simple blue shorts that can be used with a variety of looks and in a multitude of ways… I got this pair on sale at Carter’s last spring, but here’s a similar pair from Gap Kids.DSC_0307 greek update 3sWe spruced up these basic blue shorts with a chambray button up from Gap Kids (also purchased on sale last spring) and topped that with this super cool two toned teal bear sweater from Zara.  I love this bear sweater and as soon as Zara released their new collection and this was in it, I immediately purchased.  This sweater will be combined and integrated in his wardrobe all fall & winter long.  And of course we couldn’t forget some shades, these are wood wayfarer shades from Gap Kids (style tip… stock up on cool shades during spring and summer when they’re out everywhere and then you can use them all year long). He’s also wearing (when he’s not barefoot) his favorite yellow sneakers from Zara.  This look is festival chic. He has no problem playing, being wild, bouncing and picnic-ing and yet he still manages to look cool.DSC_0303greek update 2sOur days at the festival may look different, but I’m glad I have my memories of past festival days and I’m grateful I get to experience festival times with this little one and my main man.  Life is really a crazy ride and you never know where it’s going to take you (even when you try to control it or guide it).  But when I look at these two, I know that no matter how wild the ride, it will be full of laughter and love.  The Greek Festival, like any festival is all about making memories, having fun, and savoring the moment with friends and family.  So look up the festivals in your area, get a festival chic look and make some memories… Opa!
DSC_0314 greek black and whites



  1. You have such a beautiful family! I love that bear sweater….so cute! I totally agree that going to festivals isn’t quite the same with kids, but I wouldn’t change it either.

  2. That is one cool kid! I love how you explained the kid things your little guys does, yet he looks like a mature cool guy with those shades, so hard to believe that he ever causes a fuss! lol I really enjoyed your comparison of what types of conversation you used to have versus now! Thank you so much for sharing! 😀

  3. i get so excited about introducing my kids to new events/fairs/festivals… And then some days we leave and I think “that was entirely too much work- never again”…. But of course that’s a lie!

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