Trying To Catch A Rooster

DSC_0254.updateSo does anyone remember the days when you could just grab your car keys and head to the grocery store, pick up what you need and head back home with relative ease…  Well, for me those days are distant memories.  When I say every day is an adventure, I mean it.  Even a trip to the grocery store turns into an escapade, which usually involves an assortment of chase, crying, cajoling, and coaxing.DSC_0237.updateErrands aren’t simple to run and trying to get out of the house, much less to the store and back home is like trying to get a squirrel hopped up on coffee and candy into a car seat and grocery cart. On this lovely day it took me about thirty minutes to wrangle my little one into the car.  We walked out the door and he ran for the swing, then to pick flowers, when I asked him to get out of the flowers he decided to throw himself on the ground in protest and once I finally coaxed him to get up and walk towards the car he saw the neighbors cat and sprinted to chase it… the cat got away, but I finally caught Mr. Cheeky.  I’ve never tried to catch an actual rooster, but trying to catch this little one is not always an easy feat.  DSC_0294.updateWhat is easy… putting him in this awesome rooster tee. I can’t always predict how long it will take to get him in the car or how many tantrums there will be or even what will cause a tantrum, but I can always count on a cute tee and a day filled with interesting antics.  So this great tee is from a fabulous mom and her small business inspired by her two little boys.  And after seeing pics of her two adorable boys on Instagram I totally get how they inspire her daily. DSC_0304.update Two Lil’ Bros has fun, funny, creative and unique tees.  I mean I am an animal tee aficionado and finding a rooster tee, well that’s just special and cool.  I love following Two Lil’ Bros and keeping up with all their new designs and their latest tee will definitely find its way into our closet.  It is a monster design and what’s even cooler is that it was designed by one of her boys… seriously how awesome is that!  So if you’re looking to support small business and want something unique and original check out Two Lil’ Bros Etsy Shop.DSC_0263.updateAs for us, we paired this creative rooster tee with burgundy jeans, yellow shoes (I can’t seem to get him out of these) and a navy bomber style sweater (his is from last season, but I’ve linked a similar one). We wanted to let the t-shirt shine, but still pair it with some other fun pieces.  A perfect outfit for all our fall romping, chasing and exploring. And what makes it even better is knowing that we’ve shopped at a wonderful small business headed by a mom, who like me, is inspired by her adventurous little ones.  So mom life isn’t always sunshine and daisies.  I may spend part of my day flustered trying to catch this little guy, just to get him into the car to head to the market while he evades my call to lollygag and run wild, which can be frustrating and even overwhelming… but that’s when I have to remind myself that the best part isn’t always catching him, but what we learn during the chase.IMG_6016.update



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