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Wee RascalsToday we’re taking a look at some awesome tees from Wee Rascals!  And I just have to start by saying this first pic pretty much embraces our personalities… I’m looking up thinking about things (well probably to-do lists, laundry, what I need to do for dinner, when can I find time to schedule a hair cut, oh and those dentist appointments and if I remembered to let the dogs out before we left) and he’s karate kicking his legs and roaring (because simply sitting on a bench is so overrated).WeeRascals.3Active, never stops moving, jumps, runs, hops, skips, sprints, flips, flops, lively, energetic, perpetual motion… can anyone relate?  My little one is not the sit down and paint, color and build blocks type… he’s always moving and ready for the next adventure. So when dressing him, I look for comfort, durability and versatility to stand up to his daily energy level.  Wee Rascals tees meet all of those criteria and so much more!WeeRascals.4Wee Rascals was founded by two moms, Kylie & Liz.  Tired of seeing superhero and princess tees everywhere, they founded Wee Rascals, a small business that sells super awesome tees featuring real heroes… from Johnny Appleseed to DaVinci to Shakespeare to Frida, to Honest Abe and more.  Their tees are inspiring and evoke cool conversations with your little one… like talking about what it means to be honest, what are presidents and embracing creativity as artist and people.  WeeRascals.7I also love that Wee Rascals tees are unisex and are so versatile… with tights, with jeans, with skirts, with patterned joggers, with overalls or suspenders, these graphic tees can be mixed and matched in so many ways.  Here I’ve paired his Honest Abe raglan tee, with the blue block comfy pant from Lot 801, black high-top sneakers, bowler hat and black retro shades.  We’re calling this look a little hip and comfy.  I’m also sporting a cool Wee Rascals tee, so for all the fierce mamas out there, it’s your lucky day because Wee Rascals also makes a Fierce Like Frida tee for women.  Which I paired here with medium wash jeans, a cargo vest, orange necklace (cool find at the holiday market in Bryant Park), black fedora-style hat and black ankle booties.  I call my look fun, but I can still chase you.WeeRascals.5And one of my favorite things about shopping at Wee Rascals is supporting other moms.  Becoming a mom has changed my life in so many ways and I love learning from other moms and being a part of the great community of motherhood.  Motherhood is beautiful, tough, frustrating, challenging and full of joy… sometimes all within the same 5 minute time span.  I know having a village of other moms to lean upon, to learn from and to laugh with has proven invaluable in my journey as a mom.WeeRascals.1And in the spirit of motherhood and community, Kylie from Wee Rascals gives us a little insight to being a mom and an entrepreneur.

What about having kids still amazes you today? I think for me it’s how much your love for them grows + grows. When they first get placed in your arms, you think that love can’t get bigger but it does and that is always so amazing to me.

What is your favorite memory of your mom? There are many but one of the funniest memories about my Mom is how she would dance with the vacuum cleaner to mostly Bruce Springsteen but really whomever happened to be playing on the radio. According to my Dad she still does this!

What is your fashion tip for new moms? This isn’t a fashion tip really but just some insight… Going from one pair of yoga pants to another totally classifies as getting dressed!

 Did you think about starting a business before you had kids? Yes, I grew up with several small business owners so I think I always felt like it was a possibility/option for me.

What is the best part of being a mom and an entrepreneur? The best (and hardest) part is that I still get to stay home. I get to choose when I dive into work stuff which is often in the early morning hours when things are quiet and I have a cup of hot tea. It’s also the most challenging however, because the lines gets blurred and that is something I’m always learning how to be aware of.

What was the first product you made at Wee Rascals & how have you grown from
there? The first image we printed was an old vintage stamp of Johnny Appleseed. I found it one afternoon while searching for true tales to tell my then 4 yr old son. That day for me, Wee Rascals was launched! We have grown tremendously since that day and we are 3 yrs in which is unbelievable. We are excited for what else is in store!!
WeeRascals.11I know I’m just a mom, sharing tidbits from my adventures as a mom, but I love hearing from other moms and their adventures because every mom and every little one is unique in their own way and yet our stories ring true to each other and can give us hope, connection and that great feeling when you’re like, “phew, your kid does that too?” …So if you’re a new mom (or a seasoned mom) wearing yoga pants every day… don’t worry we’ve all done (or do) it.  If you’re a mom with a dream, don’t be afraid to follow it (even though that’s easier said than done).  If it’s been a super frustrating day, take a breather, close the bathroom door or get a glass of wine and reflect on what still amazes you about your little one(s) out there  (even though currently they also happen to be driving you mad).

And if you’re ready to do some spring shopping, head on over to Wee Rascals to support two moms with a vision to make something different and inspiring. Pick out a cool tee or two for you and your little one… because mama, just by being a mama, you are fierce!

And for a little shopping incentive don’t forget to check out us out on Instagram for a giveaway… The Moms of Wee Rascals are so super awesome, they are providing a $25 shop credit to the winner!!WeeRascals.10


**Honest Abe tee provided courtesy of Wee Rascals.  All thoughts and opinions in this review solely reflect my point of view.


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