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what's trending. 1So what’s trending for us… a meerkat, suspenders, hats, long vests, shopping small businesses and keeping it cheeky.what's trending. 2This fall there are a lot of cool and chic styles trending this fall, but one of my favorites is the long vest.  I’m head over heels for this look.  There are so many ways to style a long vest.. over jeans, pants, dresses, long skirts, tights, with sweaters, with shirts, with tank tops.  The long vest adds an additional style element to your look, it adds depth, texture and interest.  Here I am wearing a black long vest from Forever 21, for me black is a must because it can be combined with so many different outfits, prints and colors…and when a girl is on a budget she has to maximize the wearability of the trendy piece.  But the fun thing about trends is that they come in all shapes and sizes… so there are so many amazing long vests out there in different colors with different embellishments and textures… check out Zara, Banana Republic, Top Shop, Forever 21, Asos or Nordstrom for a variety of long vest options.  And keep coming back to Cheeky Days to check out our style because, I’m going to feature this long vest in future posts to see how many different looks we can get from one great fashion piece.what's trending. 3In addition to trending long vests the other accessory that’s always trending for me is hats.  I’m always yearning for a cool and interesting hat.  Hats are just another piece of the fashion puzzle, they can complete a look, add a bit of drama, bring in a pop of color and even help when one’s having a bad hair day.  All around hats can be functional, but they can also increase the fun and funky in your look.  I adore this panama style hat in all black and have worn it with jeans, dresses and even shorts (because you know, I’m from Texas and sometimes it’s still 80 degrees in November).what's trending. 4So with my long vested picked and hat selected, I went for a casual cool and playful look.  I added a Blue and Ecru Striped Shirt from Zara, Medium Wash Skinny Jeans from Banana Republic and my favorite new pair of shoes, the Dark Gold and Black Avila Pump with Black Tassel from Banana Republic.  I can not accurately express in words how cool these shoes are! The heel is high enough to give me a little height (which being 5 foot is always needed), super comfortable, umm… they’re gold and they add a little pizazz to any outfit, but still let me keep up with my little one and roll on the ground when he tackles me.what's trending. 5I completed this look with some jewelry from two small businesses. And speaking of small businesses that’s another thing trending in our style wardrobes right now.  Now, I can’t always shop small businesses because like I said, I have a budget… but I try to as much as I can.  So for some small business love for all the moms out there looking for unique and beautiful accessories check out Layered and Long and Half United.  I have an Initial Bar Necklace from Layered and Long and a Gold and Mint Bullet Necklace from Half United.  I found Layered and Long when I was searching through Etsy for great finds.  Usually I’m searching for baby, toddler and kid clothes, scarves and bow ties but this time I took some time to search for unique jewelry.  They have some beautiful necklaces that are simple but still make a statement and are great for layering.  Half United I found through Instagram and I absolutely love them.  For every item you purchase form Half United they give 7 meals to a child in need… which means you get to support an organization helping to feed children around the world, plus get a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry.  I love to give back and serve the community so to me this company is amazing for what they are doing.  If you haven’t already, check out their website and listen to their story (they were started by a brother and sister and $200 bucks… how cool is that) and snag a necklace, bracelet, t-shirt or earrings and help give a child 7 meals.
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what's trending.8My little one is also supporting a small business in his look. He’s wearing the sweet, adorable and slightly kooky Kawaii Sushi T-Shirt from Whistle and Flute. Whistle and Flute is a small business started by a mom… and I love supporting moms! She has a fashion background, a great aesthetic and the clothes she makes are modern, monochromatic, unisex and ethically made… what can be better than that. We styled his sushi tee with suspenders, since they are also coming back in style and trending now for the little ones. I’m completely delighted with the suspender trend because I enjoy adding any accessory I can to my little guy. And to complete his look, we added tan slip-on sneakers and tan shades both from Gap Kids.what's trending.9What else is trending… well, then there’s the Meerkat trend. Codo, the Meerkat is now going everywhere with us (even to school).  My little one is obsessed with meerkats.  He loves animal documentaries and meerkats is the latest one he watches on repeat.  He was a meerkat for Halloween.  When we go to the zoo, he now has twenty to thirty minute conversations with the meerkats.  And even a trip to Whole Foods isn’t meerkat free… as if their berries didn’t cost enough, they’ve now started to sale stuffed meerkats which is how we ended up with Codo.  So when accessorizing little ones, often a favorite toy or the latest obsession may end up as part of their style, but that’s ok because it just adds a bit of personality to their look.what's trending.10And as you can clearly see from our pics, we always keep it cheeky… well, at least my little one does I just try to keep up. He’s always joking, giggling and just throwing all of his energy into everything. So when we go to take photos it’s fun to just let loose and laugh, while still trying to wrangle him in a bit, so all the shots aren’t blurry. So for him being cheeky isn’t a trend it’s a lifestyle and it’s a lifestyle that I’m grateful for and brings all of us a bit of joy, belly laughs and lots of grins.what's trending.11





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